søndag 8. oktober 2017

What is business Coaching

More and more business owners are using coaching to consolidate and optimize their skills or to cope with a given problem (pressure, burnout, power conflict, poor working environment, low productivity, risk management.)

Managers and leaders are not exempt from the rule and also use coaches to provide concrete answers to assert themselves on a daily basis or to better manage their loneliness from the top of their power.

What is the use of coaching and how does it work?


Nowadays, the balance between the managerial and economic data of a company with the individual values ​​of its employees is an essential point for the good functioning of a business.

That's why more and more owners are calling on a business coach.

The business coach is a person who personally and professionally accompanies a manager, a team or an entire organization. The objective for the coached is to achieve concrete and identifiable results, to consolidate his knowledge and to increase his efficiency.

A managerial coach is generally useful in responding to three kinds of difficulties: a conflict situation, access to a new function or adaptation to change. It uses a wide range of behavioral methods to help the manager achieve his or her goals.

Coaching is a very effective process that ideally complement counseling and training.


The owner and the manager are special clients insofar as they have to be accompanied to exercise their know-how to the best of their ability, namely to lead. Their desire is generally to go further and they need a coach who helps them push their limits while being aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Thus the coach can intervene at different levels to:

Clarify the vision and help set the right strategy for the development, management or transformation of the business

- Help owners focus on priorities while juggling several responsibilities on a daily basis

-Develop leadership to be better respected and monitored by work teams

-To find the right position of leader or manager to establish its legitimacy and thus its credibility

-Improve communication that can be a limiting factor in relations with partners, employees or investors

-Help the owner manage the loneliness that he finds himself in at the controls of the ship.

-To help the owner come from the isolation he may find himself in from the weight of his responsibilities

In short, business coaching teaches leaders how to be more responsive to their own minds and creativity by asking them the right questions.

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